Regarding the topic of the sustainability of the organizations of the companies we work for, I feel that today we are living a paradox: shortage and waste.

Shortage of the resources: we are facing a lot of voluntary dismissions, lack of competencies to lead the digital transformation, lack of effectiveness and productivity due to the disengagement of people.

Waste of the already available resources in our companies: people are not completely utilized for their own capabilities, their potentialities, their own unique characteristics for all that they can really do.

We are striving for finding talents that we are not capable to find while we do not completely use the talent of each person already working for us.

I am afraid that we are wasting the “treasury” that we already have in our companies!

We keep on walking the same path that seems the easiest and usual for everyone: we look for competencies and talents outside our companies because we assume that we do not have them already inside.

Instead, each leader, each head of a team should have the mindset and the willingness to identify which are the talents that each person surely has got, that “unicity” that could be expressed day by day at work to add value to the company, achieving excellent results.

Mindset, methodoly, process and adequate tools has to be used to find out the talent, the “uniqueness” of each person.

Those tools are different from the ones we have been using so far: for years, we have been more focused to find the future potentiality of expression of what people could do, whereas the “talent” is already present today! It only needs to be found.

This implies a paradigmatic change: from standard “Talents management” to the “Identification and Enabling of the Talent owned by each person”.

“Mindset, methodology process and adequate tools has to be used to find out the talent, the “uniqueness” of each person.”

This would be a definitively new “talent management program”, more innovative for each organization and their sustainability since i twill be totally aimed to value the best qualities of each person.

Leaders’ role will evolve from being “talent reviewer” to become “talent scouter”. Let’s change the approach we have been using so far: from management of the talented people in our companies (the one we think to be the best of our teams) to a new scheme focused to manage the talents of each persons, that means their unique and distinctive characteristics, the best that each person can give, the unique talent of them!

The key question is: “how can we understand find and identify the talents of each person? We need new processes, new methods and new tools that probably are not the same we have been using so far to define the potential growth of our people.

We definitively need something different: the identification of a new model that, start from the analysis of competencies, pays a major focus on the successful results obtained by the person to identify the ultimate success factors used to achieve brilliant results and eventually to the talents that the person used.

A kind of a biographical analysis approach blended with a coaching process.

Leaders will have the ownership of this process, as essential part of their own responsibilities.

Eventually, as HR Directors working in partnership with the business, we will have to say to our stakeholders – CEO, Business Directors, Staff Function Managers- how we can use the information of the talents of each person of their teams, how much this can be useful for the achievement of the business results of today and tomorrow, for the sustainability of the company in the future.

I believe that the management of talents of each person will support a better matching between people and their own working activities, increase performance and eventually enhance their engagement.

I think we should definitively imagine a talent management process capable to identify and value the unique quality of each person, provided that the managers will change their mindset and approach to let this be possible and sustainable.